The QR code is scratched or can’t be read

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How does the electric engine work and what are the motor profiles in the app?

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My bike turned off while cycling, what should I do?

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What do the colours of the bike lights mean?

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How to pair a smart card with an account?

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How to pause a bike with a card (without the app)?

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How can I start riding?

Quickly and easily!

Download and install the Freebike app on your phone. Choose a tariff, register, input your credit card details and you will receive your LOGIN and PIN. You will need these if you change your phone or logout of the app.

Scan the QR code on the back of the bike, choose to ride with electric assistance (ebike) or without (pedal bike) and off you go!

Where can I ride the bike?

You can ride a bike anywhere within the area marked by a thick red line on the map in the application.

This area partially consists of red zones where it is possible to ride freely. To return a bike inside a red zone you must use a virtual station.

Outside the red zone it is possible to return the bike either for free at a virtual station or outside of it for a parking fee of 25 CZK.

The area of ​​use will gradually expand.

How can I rent a bike?

You can rent the selected bike either in the app by pressing Rent a Bike and scanning the QR code located under the seat, or by clicking on the bike on the map and pressing Unlock.

Once your bike is rented, press the brake twice to activate it.

I can’t rent a bike

Close the app and then restart it. If this does not work it means that use of the bike has been blocked. If the lights are cycling through the colours of the rainbow, it means that someone else has Paused their rental and that they will be returning to the bike.

Please choose another bike near you or contact our customer support on our Facebook page Freebike Praha or send us an e-mail at

How can I return a bike?

Use our mobile app Freebike to return the bike and simply press the RETURN BIKE option.

Another way to return the bike is to press either brake three times quickly after parking the bike.

When the bike has been returned the lights will turn off.

After returning the bike, it takes about a minute for the mobile app to update so it is possible that the bike will still appear as hired during this period.

The app does not charge any fees and does not count any rental time during this period.

How does the PAUSE work?

You can PAUSE the rental once the bike is parked and standing. During a pause nobody else can rent your bike and the motor is also blocked. Also the price is lower, it is currently 0,50 CZK per minute.

You can PAUSE your bike by pressing the PAUSE button in the upper right corner in the app during the rental and confirm the PAUSE by pressing the brake lever twice.

Paused bike is easily recognizable - it's lights are continuosly changing colours during pause.

You can end the PAUSE by pressing the PLAY button in the same upper right corner in the app and pressing the brake lever twice. If you don't see any of the button, simply restart the app.

Be aware, the maximum duration of the PAUSE is 2 hours. There is a penalty fee afterwards, in order to avoid ebikes standing in forbidden places in red zones for example.

How to park properly

When returning a bike, please respect other traffic participants and pedestrians and always park the bike so that it isn’t in the way.

Don’t park the bikes in front of entrances, doors, pedestrian crossings or in the middle of pavements.

We want our bikes to make moving around Prague easier on the roads and not to trouble people in pedestrian areas.

Where can I return a bike?

You can return your bike in any virtual station (free of charge) on the map in the app.

Or if you are in a hurry, you can return the bike anywhere outside the virtual station for a fee (25 CZK), but only outside the Red zone.

I can’t return the bike

First check if you’re not inside a red zone or even outside the defined area of use.

Check if you are in the open space without obstacles between the bike and the sky (roofs, trees, etc.).

It is possible that Freebike does not have enough signal at the return location to establish a connection, so try returning it a few meters further.

Poor or no signal on your phone may also be the cause.

If you still can’t return your bike, please contact our customer support with a message on the Freebike Praha Facebook page.

I can’t find a bike

The Freebike GPS signal has a range of 10–15 metres, so it is possible that it stands a little farther or around the corner.

If placed between high buildings, this range may increase.

What are the Freebike tariffs?

Currently, we have a Pay per minute tariff, Nonstop 24h tariff, 31 days tariff, 365 days tariff and 365 days tarrif for couples.

You can find any details regarding tariff prices or bonuses in the pricelist on our website, in tariff information in the mobile app or in the pricelist in General terms and conditions.

How do the Red Zones work?

The best way to return Freebike is in virtual stations, there are over two hundreds of them in Prague and you can recognize them on the map in the app according to the rectangle with the number.

Outside the red zones, you can return the Freebike in a virtual station, or wherever is appropriate for proper parking (see next point: How to park properly) for a fee of 25CZK

Red Zone: Freebike can only be returned at virtual stations. Freebike can’t be returned outside the stations, you need to find the nearest station or go out of the red zone. You will be charged a fine according to the current price list for leaving the Freebike outside the virtual station in the Red Zone.

The map also shows a thick red line that borders the places you can’t ride the Freebike in. Beware of crossing this border – the motor will be gradually blocked for safety reasons. You can’t return the Freebike here; you must manually take it back to the nearest virtual station or out of the red zone.

The QR code is scratched or can’t be read

You can manually enter the number of the bike that you want to rent by clicking on the pen icon  at the top right on the screen with the QR code scanner. Include the zeros in the number, for example 0156.

Reporting a failure or damage?

If you find a damaged bike or any technical failure, please contact us in our mobile application – report a failure or damage through the warning sign icon in the left panel.

Or you can send us an email to and our engineers will set off to repair the bike on the spot or take it away.

How does the electric engine work and what are the motor profiles in the app?

Riding a Freebike is the same as on a normal bike, but once you start pedalling, the motor will help you so you don’t get sweaty cycling up the hill or on the way to an important meeting.

You can choose how much electric motor support you will have whilst riding with the motor profiles. These are viewable within the application settings (the flash icon). Pedalling is the easiest with the highest support because the motor helps you the most, and vice versa. This support intensity setting cannot be changed while riding.

Your chosen setting is initiated at the start of each journey.

The electric motor is off when you are not pedalling or braking to save energy.

My bike turned off while cycling, what should I do?

If your bike turns off while you are cycling, the battery capacity is below the critical level and the bike is switched to power-saving mode (the electric motor stops working), it is necessary to stop the ride as soon as possible and park your bike, preferably at the virtual station for free.

It is the responsibility of each user to check the range of the bike before rental and adapt the trip to the battery capacity so that it is sufficient.

The user should not start a longer ride with a low amount of expected kilometres for the range (i.e., less than 16km), in which case there is a risk of flat battery while cycling.

If your mobile phone goes flat while cycling, it is not a problem to return the bike through the brakes – press the brake three times after the end of your ride and wait until the colour indication on the battery goes out.

What do the colours of the bike lights mean?

Red - rear light when cycling; red flashes when braking for safe movement in the traffic

Purple - system update

Yellow - bike is connecting to the server

Green - successful start and end of the hire

Blue - poor GPS/GSM signal, or while registering card with chip

Rainbow - bike rental is paused and can only be unpaused by the user who paused it

Safety tips

For safe rides in urban traffic, we recommend that you observe the following tips for safe cycling.

A helmet is mandatory only for people under the age of 18, but we recommend wearing the helmet whenever possible.

Please pay extra attention when crossing tram tracks. Whilst the Freebike tyres are wider than the tram track, the track may slow you down or the bike may get jammed or slip on the track during inattentive ride.

Don’t ride on pavements, they aren’t for bikes

Respect the traffic rules on the roads

Freebikes are equipped with safety features – front and brake lights, bell, etc.

If you aren’t sure how to solve a situation, you can always dismount from the bike and solve the situation as a pedestrian

Ride with the traffic.  Ride on the right in the same direction as other vehicles.

Use Hand Signals. Use appropriate hand signals to indicate that you're turning left or right. Do not assume drivers and other riders will stop for you.

Always pay attention.  Stay focused on what's going on around you so you can see what other road users might do.

Make eye contact.  Try to make eye contact with drivers and pedestrians so you're sure that they have seen you.

No phones or devices.  Don't use a mobile phone or earphones.

Watch out in wet weather.  Wet roads can be slippery. Take your time.

Do you fit the bike?  Make sure the seat is adjusted to allow a slight bend at you knee when the pedal is at the lowest position.

How to pair a smart card with an account?

1. Log in to the app.

2. Rent the freebike that you want to ride.

3. In the app open your profile in the menu - button with the stick figure.

4. Press the Register card button.

5. Now follow the instructions of the application, you have to agree to connect via bluetooth.

6. Place the card on top of the back light.

7. The light will shine blue and when it turns green you have successfully paired the card with your account.

8. And if you have any trouble with this process, let us know by e-mail, Facebook or you can call us during working hours 9-17 at +420 778 113 084 on business days and we will help you.

How to pause a bike with a card (without the app)?

Hold one brake and swipe the card above the back light. To unpause, repeat.

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